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Students in classroom on virtual field trip at Wolf Ridge

Virtual Field Trips

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Bring Wolf Ridge Naturalists Into Your Classroom

Our live, virtual field trips offer students the chance to interact with Wolf Ridge from the comfort of their own classroom.

  • Lessons are customized to fit your curriculum and meet state standards
  • Your 30- to 40-minute session is offered via video by a Wolf Ridge naturalist 
  • We bring a lesson designed to stimulate curiosity about the natural world
  • Scholarships and financial assistance available on a limited basis

Pick from one of the topics below or choose another option from our class list.

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Follow a naturalist through a variety of bird habitats on the Wolf Ridge campus. Learn how to identify bird calls and their features.

Learn who is migrating through and help us notice what is happening in the ecosystems around us.


Forest Ecology

Wander through our mixed forest of maple, birch, and spruce while comparing it to the environment around your home or school. 

Learn what biome you live in and how your actions impact the forest around you.

Forest Ecology

Stream Study

Help a naturalist collect and analyze water samples from one of our lakes or streams. 

Discover what watershed you live in and consider the factors that might show if a body of water is healthy or not.

Stream Study

Animal Signs

How can we use the signs animals leave behind to build a story about what they’re doing? 

Together we will discover and follow tracks, trails, eat marks, and scat, practice observation skills, learn technical tracking skills, and check our trail camera.

Animal Signs

“You have an excellent, well-rounded program that inspires and encourages all of our students to experience new adventures.”

— Jessica Randall, Chisago Lakes Middle School

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