Weekends at Wolf Ridge - Fall Adult Programs

Women in classroom identifying birds at Wolf Ridge

Adult Learners

Anyone can take classes at Wolf Ridge.

Maybe you’re a nature enthusiast, resource professional, teacher, or wilderness trip leader. We offer a variety of experiences throughout the year for people to expand their knowledge of the natural world.

Not every course below is offered every year. Visit our events calendar for all upcoming events, dates, registration information, and availability.

IBP Beginning Bird Banding

Wolf Ridge hosts the Institute for Bird Population’s Beginning and Advanced courses for seasoned and new banders. The seven-day introductory class provides both amateur birders and professional biologists with the skills necessary to participate in monitoring and research programs.

June 23-30, 2023

IBP Advanced Bird Banding

Wolf Ridge hosts the Institute for Bird Population’s Beginning and Advanced courses for seasoned and new banders. The five-day advanced class is designed for experienced banders who wish to improve their sexing and ageing skills using the American Birds by Peter Pyle.

July 1-5, 2023

Women's Intro to Timber Framing Workshop

Women make up less than 5% of US carpenters by trade. The purpose of this course is to provide a supportive learning environment for women to work with their hands, using traditional and modern tools to learn the craft of timber frame building. The women who take this class may use these skills to pursue personal building projects, or continue to develop their skills in pursuit of a career working with wood.

June 18-24, 2023

Drop-In Bird Banding

Since 1993, Wolf Ridge has been a site for a long-term international study to learn about the lives and health of migratory songbird populations. Participants can observe and sometimes participate in the banding process. Meet at the Forest Ecology Building on any one of seven summer mornings. Free and open to all ages. Banding will be canceled on rainy days.

Multiple Days June-August

IBP Advanced Bird Banding - Fall

This advanced class is designed to help participants fine-tune the banding skills they already possess and to advance their comprehension of molt strategies and ability to recognize molts limits and plumages on birds in hand.


Weekends at Wolf Ridge

Spend a glorious fall weekend in the company of fellow nature lovers! Northwoods Fungi, Galls, Burrows & Brooms, All Things Agates, Saw-whet Owl Banding or North Shore Geology Exploration. Expect a weekend of laughter, learning, and beauty.

September 22-24, 2023

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