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Ojibwe Heritage

Class Details

3 Hours

4th Grade to Adult


Describe how the Ojibwe people’s connection to place and resources influenced their lifestyle here 270 years ago.

Students will travel to a recreated Ojibwe site where they will practice skills commonly used 270 years ago. Skills include fire starting using a bow drill or flint and steel, preparation of wild rice and raspberry tea, and making of basswood twine and black ash baskets. Students will be introduced to Ojibwe history and language.

Lesson Plan


  1. The environment influences human actions; and humans both adapt to, and change, the environment.
  2. Food and resource availability were major factors in the seasonal lifestyle for Ojibwe people on the North Shore 270 years ago.
  3. Historical inquiry is a process in which multiple sources and different kinds of historical evidence are analyzed to draw conclusions about how and why things happened in the past.
  4. Technology and development must be appropriate to resources available in an area.
  5. Different cultures hold varying beliefs on environmental issues.


  • Demonstrate fire starting techniques using flint and steel, and bow and drill.
  • Demonstrate the steps necessary to process wild rice.
  • Demonstrate basswood twine making and black ash basketry.
  • Describe the seasonal lifestyle of the Ojibwe and how it relates to food type and availability.
  • Evaluate and choose aspects of traditional Ojibwe lifestyle to incorporate into our daily lives.