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Renewable Energy Resources

Energy at the Science Center

While you are at Wolf Ridge, take time to visit our renewable energy displays in the Science Center lobby. They show the real-time energy we are producing from our wind tower and solar panels.

You can follow our solar and wind energy remotely:


Take a Class

You can tour the mechanics behind the energy production during our Climate Change and Energy class.


Classroom Materials to Download

In addition, Wolf Ridge is a partner in the TLFAST project, a collaborative effort across all five of Minnesota’s Residential Environmental Learning Centers in which we take a leadership role promoting, demonstrating, and educating about our energy choices and sustainable future. The TLFAST project was funded by the Minnesota Environmental & Natural Resources Trust Fund.


Participate in TLFAST

  • Visit the TLFAST website
  • Schedule a group tour of our new biomass heating plant and solar hot water systems
  • Check out our Renewable Energy class
  • Explore the live energy displays at the Science Center
  • Download the curriculum and support materials