Renewable Energy

Solar Photovoltaics

Solar is a big part of our energy picture. Currently, we have the capacity to gather 63.5KW of electric power from the sun. MAC Lodge’s goal is to be producing more energy than its residents use as part of meeting our Living Building Challenge goals.

A display in the Science Center lobby shows the real-time energy we are producing from the building’s solar panels.


Pellet Heat Plant

Central heating from our Woodmaster pellet stoves provides warmth to most of the buildings at Wolf Ridge during the winter months.


Solar Hot Water

When you take a shower during your Wolf Ridge stay, you will be using water heated by the sun! Summit Lodge, Margaret A. Cargill Lodge, and the Lakeview House all have solar hot water systems that work year-round.


Take a Class

You can tour the mechanics behind energy production during our “Energy in My Home” and “Renewable Energy” classes.