Our facilities include a variety of outdoor and indoor learning spaces. They are concentrated on the ridgetop, but several are more remote.

Classrooms and Auditoriums

Science Center

The large auditorium and stage host most evening naturalist programs. Four large classrooms, interpretive displays, a climbing wall, education animal housing, and staff offices round out the space.

Education Building

Home to 8 classrooms, a small auditorium, a climbing wall, and a small greenhouse.

Forest Ecology Building

Two classrooms and a central community space are the base for special ‘FEB’ days, where groups participate in both morning and afternoon classes, with lunch in -between.

Stream Study Building

One side houses a small classroom and our stream study equipment, the other is a small lab for air monitoring equipment.

Ski Chalet/Wetlands Classroom

Nestled between the ridgetop and Raven Lake, it is the take-off point for our ski trails and wetland excursions.

Farm Pavillion

When the farm isn’t busy making wood-fired pizza, this space is used for our Food and Farming classes.

Dining Facilities

Fireplace Dining Room

A large, natural stone fireplace dominates the largest of our two dining rooms.

Lake Superior Dining Room

The Lake Superior room is slightly smaller, with views to Lake Superior through the hills over Wolf and Raven lakes.

Farm Pavillion

Open on two sides, this area hosts our brick oven for making wood-fired pizzas with farm-fresh ingredients.

Lodging and Dorms

Margaret A. Cargill Lodge

Designed to meet the high international standards of the ‘Living Building Challenge’, MAC Lodge has suites with one to two sleeping rooms, and a private bath and shower. There are five group gathering spaces with kitchenettes, two cozy wood-stoves, and an outdoor deck.

Summit Lodge

Spacious rooms sleep up to 8 and have a private bath and shower area. Three group spaces overlook the near-by maple forest.

Lakeview Staff House

Completed in 2017, Lakeview is also designed to mimic Living Building Challenge standards, and house up to 24 people in small private bedrooms with shared kitchen and community spaces.

Outdoor Gatherings

Campfire Rings

Two large fire rings with bench seating are located near each lodge. There are also two smaller fire rings near the office and the Forest Ecology Building.

Decks and Overlooks

Perched on a ridgeline between Sawmill Creek Valley and Wolf and Raven Lakes, there are great views in several directions. The Telescope Deck outside the Science Center easily has space for a class of 20.

Administration and Maintenence

Administration Office

Two meeting spaces for about 30 people each, a natural stone fireplace, and of course our business offices. Central location for contacting staff.

Maintenance Building

Built recently though the Making Waves capital campaign, we now have a warm garage to store our team’s tools, plows, and other machinery.

Energy Center

Many of our buildings are heated by the high-efficiency wood pellet biomass boilers. That includes your hot showers, too.

Recreation Spaces

Volleyball/Team Games Courts

There is a sand court located outside both the Science Center and Education Building.

Playing Field

Between Summit Lodge and the Adventure Ropes courses, the grassy field is a bit uneven, but a great place for snowshoe races and more.

Rock Climbing Walls

We have two 35 foot walls, one in the Science Center and one in the Education Building. The climbing mimics real rock, no artificial handholds.

Adventure Ropes Courses

Cross high bridges and obstacles on your way to the zipline. These courses are only available when staffed for a reservation.


Wolf and Raven lakes each have a dock with recreation canoes for class use. In summer, there is a swim raft. Voyageur canoes are also docked separately.