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    School groups and Families stay in the M.A.C. Lodge.

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    We have two indoor rock climbing walls, each about 30 feet high.

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    The Games Areas boast two volleyball courts and one large, multi-purpose field.

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    Our Science Center houses four classrooms, a 300-capacity auditorium and a three-story climbing wall.

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    School groups and Summer Camp participants stay in the Summit Lodge.

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    In our Dining Hall, guests can enjoy a wide range of delicious menu options.

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    Our office will get you oriented with a map and schedule for the day.

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    The Forest Ecology building located on the trails across Sawmill Creek allows for a full day of learning adventures.


At Wolf Ridge, on to Lake Superior, the Boundary Waters, and beyond lay miles of soon-to-be-memories.


We’re all naturalists at heart and love to help make our world better.