Virtual Field Trips

Let’s explore nature together using 360 cameras as our portal! In these live sessions, students will be able to direct the action. Where do you want to go? What are you noticing that we can zoom in on together and investigate?

Class Virtual Field Trips

Our naturalist and you will check-in about a week before the live class session. What are your educational and social-emotional goals for your students?  Wolf Ridge will create a rough outline for you, and on the day of the session, off we will go! It’s nature, so our plan may diverge a bit to focus on the eagle soaring the cliff edge just a few feet above us. We’re guessing that will be part of the fun and learning!

Family Virtual Field Trips

Where do you want to go or what do you want to explore? We’ll carry the camera, you tell us which way to point it and what you want to look at together. Maybe it’s a great big hole in an old tree – what’s living inside? Perhaps see how close we can get to that feather – can we see the tiny barbs that hold it together for flight? The possibilities are endless!