Virtual Field Trips

Explore ecosystems online with our professional naturalists

Wolf Ridge offers live interactive sessions for school classes, families, and learning pods featuring naturalists skilled in ecology and biology and have a passion for connecting others to their environments. Our 30-60 minute interactive live sessions will engage learner of all ages in the topic of your choosing. We’ll be outside with our camera and YOU, ready to spark curiosity in and about the outdoors.

How It Works

Begin by filling out our questionnaire below to help us understand your needs. We will contact you within 1-3 business days to plan your learning experience. What are your educational and social-emotional goals for your students? If you’d like, we can:

  • address state standards
  • offer opportunities for new perspectives
  • feature potential careers in science
  • or simply bring you on a “trip” to a new ecosystem

Together, we will tailor the experience to your needs. Choose from topics like:

  • Birds
  • Geology
  • Animal Signs
  • Lake/Stream Study
  • Weather
  • Forest Ecology
  • Earthworks

A week before your live class session we will check-in with you about what to expect. It’s nature, so our plan may diverge a bit to focus on the eagle soaring along the cliff edge just a few feet above us. We’re guessing that will be part of the fun and learning!

Cost: $200

Each 30-40 minute session is offered live with one of our naturalists. Limited scholarships or financial assistance based on need may be available.  Please contact us to discuss.


Some of Our Classes Include:

Animal Signs

How can we use the signs animals leave behind to build a story about what they’re doing? Discover and follow tracks, trails, eat marks, and scat to learn the tales they have to tell. Practice observation skills and learn technical tracking skills. Check out our trail camera to see what has been visiting!


What tools and techniques help us discover the story of birds here and now? Hike virtually with a naturalist while we wander through a variety of bird habitats. Who lives in each, and why? Explore bird calls, features, identification, and research through seeing a bird banded live.

Forest Ecology

What kind of complexity is in a forest ecosystem and how do humans interact with it? Wander through a variety of forest types taking note of all the organisms that call it home. Compare these environments to those around your home or school and learn what biome you live in. How might the ways you interact with your surroundings impact forests, and what effects do forests have on you?

Lake/Stream Study

What does “healthy” mean for a body of water? Join a Wolf Ridge professional naturalist to collect and analyze water samples from some of Minnesota’s lakes or streams. Which aquatic critters are living there and what they can tell us about the water’s health? Discover what watershed you live in and consider what factors might show that it is healthy or not.

Request More Information

Fill out this short questionnaire, and we will contact you within 2 business days to plan your Virtual Field Trip.