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Wild Edibles

Class Details

3 Hours

4th Grade to Adult


What values do plants hold?

Students will explore the values of plants with a focus on edible plants. As a group we will explore what components make up a forest and how to accurately identify plants. Students will then practice their observation and identification through harvesting edible plants and discussing the ecologic and human value of plants.

Lesson Plan


  1. There are many components that make up a forest community.
  2. Plant identification involves careful observation and patience.
  3. Plants have many ecologic and human values.


  • Identify components of a forest (eight groups of forest/plant communities).
  • Discuss historic and modern uses of plants.
  • Observe and identify plants to consume.
  • Gain a more intimate connection to their natural world – “I find value in preserving the woods because I practiced observing and appreciating the plants.