Voyageur Life

Cultural History
| 4th Grade - Adult
| Half Day 3 hrs
| Moderate


In this class, students will be assigned roles and become characters in an imaginary North West Company brigade in the year 1793. They will portage and paddle along Wolf Lake and set up an encampment. There they will learn some of the skills of the colorful voyageur era, such as making fry bread and tea, flint and steel fires, shaving a paddle and practicing voyageur games.


Upon completion of the Voyageur Life class, students will be able to:

  • Describe the role of voyageurs, gentlemen, and Native Americans during the fur trade era.
  • Demonstrate paddling and portaging, singing and joking, feasting and fighting.
  • Demonstrate fire-starting technique using flint and steel.
  • Use a drawknife to fashion wood into a tent stake.
  • Evaluate and choose aspects of a voyageur’s life to incorporate into their own lives.