NEW! Story Day Camp - August 12 - August 15


Team Games

Class Details

3 Hours

4th Grade to Adult


How can we practice being an effective team?

As members of a team, students learn about the life skills of trust, communication, cooperation, and logical thinking while playing games, solving problems, and working through challenges. The team will be collectively analyzing how effective they were before, during, and after the games. Processing experiences will focus the students on discussing how to use these skills to solve problems and challenges they encounter at home, at school, and in the community.

Lesson Plan


  • Effective teams communicate well, make plans, cooperate, and include everyone.
  • Team members need to trust each other when situations become difficult.
  • Experimenting with being both a leader and a follower helps us recognize our strengths and weaknesses.
  • Processing and evaluating group performance helps improve future experiences and challenges.
  • Practicing team and life skills in simulated situations can teach us how to use them in real life situations.


  • Use logical thinking, trust, effective communication, and cooperation with others to solve problems.
  • Experiment with being a leader as well as a follower during team game scenarios.
  • Practice self-evaluation of their performances.
  • Understand that practicing team skills in games can empower us to reach our goals in real life.