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Superior View Hike

Class Details

3 Hours

4th Grade to Adult



What are some important ecological and cultural stories related to Lake Superior?

spectacular overlook awaits them above Lake Superior. The instructor will involve students in a demonstration dealing with the importance of the lake’s fresh water before leaving the classroom. Stopping along the way at five different rest stops, students will examine the geology, history, and meteorology of the area.

Lesson Plan


  • Stewardship: Freshwater is a limited resource and is distributed in different ways throughout the planet.
  • Ecology: Ecosystems and landscapes are constantly changing and are affected by geological, ecological, and human factors.
  • Outdoor Recreation: Exploring outside gives people a sense of place and gives access to amazing places.


  • Recount the geologic history of Wolf Ridge and Lake Superior.
  • Express the importance and value of freshwater, Lake Superior specifically.
  • Understand the geography of Lake Superior and how it has affected human history along its shores.
  • Describe the main pollution threats to Lake Superior.