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Seeds of Change

Class Details

3 Hours

4th Grade to Adult


What creates a food system that is healthy for people and the environment?

Students will investigate the question’ “What creates a food system that is healthy for people and the environment?” To explore this question, the students will bake muffins and explore the concepts and issues around our food: seeds and types of, farming, packaging, and distance traveled.

Lesson Plan


  1. Humans have a great ability to alter natural systems, and a responsibility to consider the effects of their actions.
  2. A complex natural system is more stable than a simple one, and more able to absorb disturbances.
  3. Awareness, knowledge, and appreciation lead to an understanding of our impact.


  • Demonstrate understanding of how seed diversity, waste, pollinator loss, and system size impact the food system
  • Explain why diversity of seeds leads to a more stable food system
  • Articulate their own values in relation to the food system and identify an action step to bring their values in line with their food system choices.