NEW! Story Day Camp - August 12 - August 15



Class Details

1.5 Hours

4th Grade to Adult


How have the celestial bodies influenced humans throughout history?

Inside the inflatable planetarium, students have the opportunity to view and learn about the night sky regardless of the weather. After a brief introduction to constellations, students gather inside to practice finding common celestial shapes, including Polaris and circumpolar constellations. At the end of class, students are challenged to create their own constellations and tell a story about it.

Lesson Plan


  1. The sun is the primary source of energy for life on earth.
  2. The natural environment has many obvious and subtle impacts upon human history and culture.


  • Define and identify circumpolar constellations.
  • Find Polaris, the North Star.
  • Recognize that star patterns move east to west nightly and seasonally.
  • Describe a variety of mythological stories and constellations from the Greeks, Romans, and Native American cultures.