NEW! Story Day Camp - August 12 - August 15


Paper Making

Class Details

3 Hours

4th Grade to Adult


Examine human resource use and impact through the art of papermaking.

Students will learn about the history of papermaking and discover the ecological and economic benefits of using recycled paper. Students will go through the process of making four sheets of recycled paper. Artistic creativity is encouraged. After drying overnight the paper will be ready for use the next day.

Evening activities are taught by chaperones unless otherwise noted. 

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Lesson Plan


  1. Humans have a great ability to alter natural systems, and a responsibility to consider the effects of our actions.
  2. Awareness, knowledge, and appreciation lead to understanding of our impact.
  3. Waste and pollution are by-products of human society.
  4. Economic and political considerations have an influence on human actions.
  5. Using renewable resources is more sustainable than using non-renewable resources.


  • List materials that can make paper.
  • Define renewable and non-renewable resources.
  • Describe two ways that our use of paper affects the environment.
  • Show how consumer demand influences the paper industry.
  • Make recycled paper using a simple process.