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Owl Pellets

Class Details

Offered: Evening Activity 6:30-8:00 pm


4th Grade to Adult


An Animal Ecology Class

Evening Activity (6:30-8:00 pm)

Students will learn about the adaptations of barn owls and their role in the food web. By dissecting sterilized owl pellets,
they find and rebuild a skeleton of a small mammal, which can be identified, glued onto a card, and taken home.

Evening activities are taught by chaperones unless otherwise noted. 

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Owl Pellets Ridge Notes

Lesson Plan


  1. A food web is more stable than a food chain.
  2. There is life found in every possible niche (habitat and role) on earth.
  3. Predator/prey relationships are an example of coexistence in a balanced ecosystem.
  4. All living things acquire physical and behavioral adaptations to be successful in their environment.


  • Identify the role and adaptations of owls in the ecosystem.
  • Clarify the concept of a food web.
  • Dissect an owl pellet.
  • Identify small mammal skulls and bones using a bone identification chart.