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Night Hike

Class Details

1.5 Hours

4th Grade to Adult


To explore our senses and our environment in the dark.

Evening Activity (6:30-8:00 pm)

Students will hike a designated route, stopping at various points to do activities. These activities will lead to a better understanding of nighttime communications and senses. Students will have the opportunity to sit alone and experience the night environment.

Evening activities are taught by chaperones unless otherwise noted. 

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Lesson Plan


  1. All living things acquire physical and behavioral adaptations to be successful in their environment.
  2. People can overcome their fear or discomfort of the darkness through knowledge of and familiarity with it.
  3. Humans learn about their world through their senses, investigation and experimentation.


  • Compare how the use of our senses differs in the darkness and light.
  • Describe something about the night experience that was new and surprising.
  • Discuss how their emotions about the night have changed following the hike and activities.