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Raven Lake at Wolf Ridge

Lake Study

Class Details

3 Hours

4th Grade to Adult


What does “healthy” mean for a lake? Is Wolf Lake healthy?

Students will examine the physical, chemical, and biological properties of Wolf Lake. Wearing boots, which are provided, and working in small groups, the students will test temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen. They will use nets to collect and examine aquatic animal life and will evaluate the health of the lake based on their findings.

Lesson Plan


  1. All living and non-living components of an environment interact with one another to form an ecosystem.
  2. A complex natural system is more stable than a simple one, and more able to absorb disturbances.
  3. All living things acquire physical and behavioral adaptations to be successful in their environment.
  4. Collecting data and making observations and comparisons are processes of knowing in science.


  • Measure the temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen of an aquatic system.
  • Examine and report upon the diversity of aquatic creatures captured.
  • Describe how water temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen affect the living organisms of Wolf Lake.
  • Recommend actions to preserve healthy lake environments.