NEW! Story Day Camp - August 12 - August 15


Invertebrate Life

Class Details

3 Hours

4th Grade to Adult


What invertebrates are found at Wolf Ridge and why are they important?

Students will become familiar with common invertebrate life around Wolf Ridge by investigating the diversity of organisms they observe on an investigation hike. Emphasis will be placed on two groups of invertebrates: the insects, and the spiders. Students will learn to identify insects and spiders using field guides as they practice catch and release techniques around the fields and woods of Wolf Ridge. Appreciation for insect niches in the environment will be stressed.

Lesson Plan


  1. All living and non-living components of an environment interact with one another to form an ecosystem.
  2. A complex natural system is more stable than a simple one, and more able to absorb disturbances.
  3. All living things acquire physical and behavioral adaptations to be successful in their environment.
  4. The variability of living organisms is called biodiversity.


  • Understand the concept of biodiversity and the global proportion of species that are invertebrates.
  • Describe the diversity of insects found on the property of Wolf Ridge.
  • Describe the roles insects and other invertebrates play in the ecosystem.