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Hiking Stick Making

Class Details

3 Hours

8th Grade to Adult


Create a hand-crafted, functional hiking stick for use on backpacking trips.

Students in a wilderness trip program will design and create their own hiking stick to use on their backpacking trip. The students will select their own stick, identifying the wood if possible, carve the stick to the desired aesthetic, sand, wood burn designs, and oil their stick. As part of this process, students will learn woodworking skills, become self-confident as they make a useful objects, and connect with the history of hiking and backpacking.

Lesson Plan


  1. Many hikers use hiking sticks for balance and stability while hiking.
  2. A hiking stick can be as simple as a stick picked up off the ground, or as complex as a hand carved, designed, and oiled stick used for many trips.
  3. We are all capable of creativity and are drawn to using objects we craft and create ourselves.


  • Select a hiking stick from the woods using stewardship principles.
  • Demonstrate knife safety techniques while carving a hiking stick.
  • Understand and explain the process of making a wooden hiking stick from selection to completion.