NEW! Story Day Camp - August 12 - August 15


Frozen Lake Study

Class Details

3 Hours

4th Grade to Adult



In what ways is Wolf Lake alive in winter, even if it’s hidden by ice and snow?

Students will examine the ecosystem of Wolf Lake under the ice. Working in groups, they will explore the lake through holes drilled in the ice, from inside ice houses, and by sampling the ice itself. Studies will include ice depth and structure, lake bottom structure, plankton sampling, and catch and release ice fishing opportunities. One adult monitor from the school must attend the class to assist with activity management.

Lesson Plan


  1. Frozen lakes are part of northern Minnesota culture through ice fishing, recreation, or historical ice cutting.
  2. A lake that is frozen over is alive, even if hidden by ice and snow.
  3. Collecting data and making observations and comparisons are processes of knowing.


  • Understand and evaluate safe lake ice conditions.
  • Use a sonar and interpret its readings.
  • Determine the “livability” of the underwater environment in winter.
  • Examine a block of ice and interpret its history.
  • Understand where plankton belongs in a food pyramid.