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Frogs & Toads

Class Details

3 Hours

4th Grade to Adult


What are frog and toad adaptations and how can we use these to identify species?

Students will be introduced to the adaptations and diversity of amphibians in Northern Minnesota by focusing on frogs and toads. While exploring one of Wolf Ridge’s ideal amphibian habitats, students will use all of their senses to observe our local frog and toad populations. Other activities will focus on the conservation and research of amphibian populations in Minnesota and around the world.

Lesson Plan


  1. All living things acquire physical and behavioral adaptations to be successful in their environment.
  2. Observation of direct and indirect evidence is a valuable skill and learning tool.
  3. Humans have a great ability to alter natural systems, and a responsibility to consider the effects of our actions.


  • Define adaptations and give specific amphibian examples.
  • Use visual and vocal field marks in combination with identification tools to identify different frog and toad species.
  • Recognize the importance of and various ways to protect declining amphibian populations.