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Food and Farming: Half Day

Class Details

4 Hours

4th Grade to Adult


Two People Planting Crops Inside Farm Hoop House
Jenna Pollard, Brittney Portes, wolf ridge Farm. Finland, MN

What do we need to know and manage to be a successful farmer?

Students will explore food and farming through experiments, surveys, lab work, teaching, and working stations.  This class will specifically look into soils and plants along with providing time to actually do some work and harvest the pizza ingredient for lunch. After lunch, the class will explore plants and pollinators, learning about the importance of pollinators by conducting surveys and activities to gain hands-on experiences in these important global issues around food.

Lesson Plan


  1. Farming requires a good understanding of ecological, mechanical and financial disciplines.
  2. Soil is a complex diversified community including physical, chemical and biological properties.
  3. Plant diversity and organic farming methods provides important management considerations.
  4. How we grow food will have a global impact, positive or negative, with important environmental issues including climate change, diversity loss, and extractive economies.


  • Define “agriculture” and distinguish between “soil” and “dirt.”
  • Understand plant and nutrient cycles, and identify specific vegetables and food crops.
  • Understand how the Wolf Ridge Organic Farm fits into the larger food & farming system
  • Share thoughts and ideas on what it might feel like to be a farmer.