Evening Activities
| 4th Grade - Adult
| Half Day 3 hrs
| Moderate


Students will use Wolf or Raven Lake as a classroom as they learn canoeing history and practice their techniques on the lake.  A short discussion at the canoe landing includes orientation to equipment and its proper use.  Skills practice and safety orientation is also done on land.  Students then spend two hours practicing skills on the lake.  They will experience the value of canoeing as a physical activity and how it affects their relationship with the environment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A visiting adult in addition to the instructor is required for this class.

Class Outline

I. Introduction

A. Greeting/Grabber

B. Learn Names

C. Behavior Guidelines

D. Class Overview

E. Assess Learner Level

II. Travel to Canoe Landing

III. On Land Orientation

A. Canoes

B. Paddles and Strokes

C. Personal Flotation Devices/ Life Jackets

IV. On the Water

A. Safety

B. Canoeing Instruction

C. Exploration

V. Conclusion 

A. Review

B. Stewardship

Concepts and Outcomes


  • We all have potential for physical activity and can improve our skills with patience and practice.
  • Using physical skills allows us to reach remote natural areas, and gain a sense of place.
  • Lifelong participation in outdoor physical activities promotes a healthy relationship between people and the environment.
  • Outdoor experiences and behaviors help develop an environmental ethic.
  • Safety is an important consideration in any activity.


Upon completion of the Canoeing class students will be able to:

  1. Describe the evolution of the canoe as a watercraft.
  2. Choose the appropriate equipment for canoeing and demonstrate its use.
  3. List the appropriate safety equipment and practices needed for flat water canoeing.
  4. Work cooperatively with a partner to maneuver a canoe to specific destinations on a lake.
  5. Summarize ways that canoeing can help to attain a relationship with the environment.
  6. Describe ways canoeing can guide your ethics for future environmental decisions.

Standards Supported


Extension Activities

Writing Prompts


What was it like to paddle as a group?  What was challenging and what strategies helped you succeed?

Create a travel plan using only hiking and canoeing departing from your home.  How far can you get?  What resources will you need to pack?