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water flowing over rocks


Class Details

3 Hours

4th Grade to Adult


Paddle a canoe, explore a northern lake, learn efficient canoeing skills, and gather scientific data.

Students will use Wolf or Raven Lake as a classroom as they learn canoeing history and equipment and practice techniques on the lake. A short discussion at the canoe landing includes orientation to equipment and its proper use. Skills practice and safety orientation is also done on land. Students then spend 2 hours practicing skills on the lake. They will experience the value of canoeing as a physical activity and how it affects their relationship with the environment. A visiting adult in addition to the instructor is required for this class.

Lesson Plan


  1. Culture and Technology: Humans adapt to their surroundings by experimenting and developing technology.
  2. Outdoor Recreation and Risk Management: Responsible watersport activities require the proper use of safety equipment.
  3. Outdoor Recreation: We all have potential for physical activity and can improve our skills with patience, practice, and teamwork.
  4. Outdoor Recreation: Using physical skills allows us to reach remote natural areas, and gain a sense of place.


  1. Describe the evolution of the canoe as transportation, as well as recreation.
  2. Identify and properly use equipment required for safe watersports participation.
  3. Work cooperatively with a partner to maneuver a canoe to specific destinations on a lake.
  4. Explore the natural landscape around the lake and interpret its natural history.
  5. Explain how exploring wild places can change how we perceive the natural world around us.