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Class Details

1 Hour

4th Grade to Adult


What can we learn about our universe by exploring the night sky? What tools can we use?

Students will explore the night sky using a telescope and binoculars. Views of stars, constellations, nebulas, planets, the moon, meteors, and the northern lights will thrill and inspire students. The science and folklore of the night sky will be dis- cussed and explored.

Lesson Plan


  1. The sun is the primary source of energy for life on earth.
  2. Everything in nature has intrinsic value, which may be beyond our understanding.


  • Identify the 5 circumpolar constellations and the north star.
  • Experience the light gathering power of a good telescope.
  • Value the beauty of the night sky relatively undimmed by artificial light.
  • Give an example of a constellation myth.