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Red and Yellow Autumn Leaves

Wolf Ridge Tails and Tales!

November 25, 2017

Categories: Nature Notes

By Wolf Ridge Naturalist

Wolf Ridge Tails and Tales is here to share stories of why folks come year after year to Wolf Ridge.

It aims to ignite some of the stories in the recesses of memory and to highlight new ones with all sorts of voices. You’ll hear from parents, teachers, students, naturalists, permanent staff, and board members on why place matters, and in particular this place nestled in the highlands of the North Shore near the great big Lake Superior.

There’s a magic to this place that is sometimes difficult to describe, but stories and experiences can help give shape to the imagination.

Before coming to Wolf Ridge in August as a first-year student Naturalist, I had experienced Lake Superior with family, through college courses, and through my own adventures. Experiential learning is not unique to Wolf Ridge, but what is unique is the willingness and enthusiasm of the staff and the participants together to learn from other mediums than lecture, learn through play, and through observation and hands-on activity. I’m happy to be at Wolf Ridge and to help share some of the experiences that have been had on this blog!