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Wolf Ridge Teacher Institute on Campus

July 1, 2022

By Jolene Brink

Jolene is part of the Wolf Ridge marketing team. Her favorite season is the North Shore of Minnesota right about now.

An excited cohort of teachers gathered on campus this week for the summer portion of our Wolf Ridge Teacher Institute.

They’ve been learning about the 4 habits of naturalists (field scientists) through journaling exercises; looking closely at maps of Minnesota; visiting the Wolf Ridge Lake Superior Field Station; hiking up Marshal Mountain; and taking adventuring on the Superior Hiking Trail where they explored geology, botany, ornithology, animal tracking, lichenology, ecology, humans, and more.

Here are some resources we’re using throughout the week:

If you noticed kids participating in any of these pictures, it’s because we invited the families of these teachers to join us for the week. It’s been great to have them on campus with us too!

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