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Scenes from the Wolf Ridge Farm

September 2, 2022

By Wolf Ridge Naturalist

James House, Wolf Ridge Field Manager shares that August ushers in a time of abundance at Wolf Ridge Farm. Everywhere you look plants are thriving under the summer sun, and vegetables poke out from under the foliage or out of the soil, just begging to be uncovered.

As a farmer, this is a time of pure magic, where you reap the rewards of all the many hours of work in the fields and high tunnels, tending and caring for these plants that now take their turn in giving back to provide for you and the community as a whole. Cucumbers and Zucchinis amass by the hundreds. Tomatoes of all shapes and colors glisten on their vines. Carrot beds show a frenzy of green growth above ground, like little icebergs hinting at how much more is waiting just underneath the surface, while all of them seem to be shouting “pick me, pick me now!”. Garlic cloves hang-dry in huge sheets, and the onion beds are now not-so-patiently waiting for their turn.

It was also only a few weeks ago that the laughter (and bemoaning) of a dozen children perforated the air as Farm Camp activities were in full swing. Sharing knowledge and the excitement of farming and caring for the earth with the next generation gives hope for the future, and they are able to remind us to never lose our childlike sense of wonder and curiosity of the natural world and all that is around us. As leaves start changing colors and cool nights signal a frost’s impending arrival, each day in the sun surrounded by growth and beauty is a day filled with gratitude here at Wolf Ridge Farm.