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Meet Graduate Naturalist Hannah Edstrom

April 11, 2019

By Jolene Brink

Jolene is part of the Wolf Ridge marketing team. Her favorite season is the North Shore of Minnesota right about now.

Hannah Edstrom was a  Graduate Naturalist from 2016-2019.

“I live in Port Angeles, Washington where I am currently a “future teacher” which for me looks like substitute teaching and enjoying the adventures of the Olympic Peninsula!

I learned about the Naturalist Training Program and Wolf Ridge from my college advisor and dear family friend, Kris MacPherson (she knew I would love it before I ever did!) The other reason I really knew I wanted to learn and grow at Wolf Ridge was because I had spent so much of my early years adventuring in the outdoors with the Red Wing ELC where I gained an unfathomable appreciation for nature.

The Naturalist Training Program felt like a perfect meld of ideal location, personal growth opportunities, and a place to fill my desire to give others’ nurturing outdoor experiences. The skills and experiences I gained from the program are innumerable but a few highlights include:

  • becoming someone with the confidence to lead people of any age through quite literally any activity
  • having a passion for gaining a deeper understanding of the landscape around me through plant and animal identification and appreciation
  • building community through adventure, cooking, and games.

I now spend my time using these same skills and experiences to navigate my way through the public school system and formal classroom with a goal of helping students discover new ways of learning about content and themselves.”