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Wolf Ridge staff accepting MAEE 2022 Partnership Award

MAEE 2022 Partnership of the Year Award

December 14, 2022

Categories: News & Events

By Jessica Vance

For over 50 years, Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center has been a leader in Environmental Education, locally and nationally. Recently, Wolf Ridge had the honor of receiving the Partnership of the Year Award through the Minnesota Association of Environmental Education (MAEE) 2022 Excellence in Environmental Education awards. 

“Wolf Ridge is honored to receive this award. MAEE brings together leaders from all across Minnesota, public agencies and private non-profits.  They are the voice of environmental education in Minnesota. Wolf Ridge has been proud to work collaboratively with MAEE for decades, regularly hosting the statewide conference. Thank you to John Million and the leadership team at MAEE”. – Peter Smerud, Wolf Ridge Executive Director

As Minnesota’s official voice and representative to statewide environmental education efforts, MAEE is critically important to policy decisions and professional representation of our field, including their role as state affiliate to the North American Association of Environmental Education.

Listen to MAEE Board member, Sally Mattison & Executive Director, John Million share Wolf Ridge’s significant contributions to advancing Environmental Education in Minnesota.