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Happy Winter Solstice!

December 22, 2022

Categories: Nature Notes

By Wolf Ridge Naturalist

Are you aware that Wolf Ridge is a certified national weather service coop monitoring station with one of the biggest snow data records in the state going back 30+ years? Wolf Ridge naturalists check for things like snow depth, cloud type and cover, and precipitation each morning at 7:00 am. Data collected by our weather station is used in our weather classes.

As we welcomed the Winter Solstice yesterday, we felt it only appropriate that we ask Wolf Ridge Naturalist & Science Specialist, Charlie Pavlisich, to provide some fun facts about the snowfall we have received on The Ridge this season. 

  • Two separate storms in November dumped an early 24 inches of snow.
  • December -to date we have accumulated 28 inches of snow with more on its way as of this posting. 
  • In total, we have received over 73 inches of snow this year, with a snowpack measuring 42 inches.
  • Since 1994, there have been only seven years with a deeper snowpack, at any point, than we have right now.
  • The deepest snowpack we have recorded here is 57 inches in January of 2005.  
  • The single largest snowfall of 46.5 inches over the course of three days was in January 1994. 

Wolf Ridge is truly a winter wonderland!  Snow shovels, snowplows & snowblowers are at the ready, with the facilities crew and staff all pitching in to keep the roads cleared and trails groomed as we work to ready Wolf Ridge for the return of students in January.