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lake at Wolf Ridge

From the 40th Anniversary Story Room

December 5, 2017

Categories: Graduate Naturalist

By Wolf Ridge Naturalist

“The thing that strikes me the most about Wolf Ridge is the way it gets in your bones. I think the people who I know who came during the summers didn’t just come once, they came over and over again as campers, then as counselors. I saw so many people go through the progression of people coming here as wide eyed ten years olds, not really knowing what to do with themselves being away from home for the first time, and falling in love with the people who were here and the way you get to be when you’re here and the things you get to do. I saw all these kids turn three, four, five years later into teenagers who were encouraging the ten year olds on the ropes course, who were getting them involved in discussions, and bringing that to the next generation of kids. Everyone who came here loved it so much, and were so excited about it that they wanted to bring that to the next group. Everyone who has been touched by Wolf Ridge has been touched so deeply, that they want to come back and keep spreading it wherever they go, they bring that little piece with them wherever they go.”

Meg Blogett came to Wolf Ridge in the summer of 1995 as a camper, counselor, then an adult chaperone with Hopkins Summer Field Biology Group, and was a student naturalist 2009-10.