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Peregrine Falcon Chicks

36 Years of Banding Peregrine Falcons

June 14, 2023

By Jessica Vance

Courtney Wright on her way back up from the nest site

Wolf Ridge has been a partner to the Midwest Peregrine Society since 1987, helping with the reintroduction and monitoring of the Peregrine Falcon. On Monday, Wolf Ridge Naturalists Joe Walewski & Courtney Wright were honored to support this annual tradition.

Yesterday, we learned from Jackie Fallon, MN Coordinator for the Midwest Peregrine Society, that there might be as many as 25 nesting sites on the North Shore this year–that’s a lot of climbing in the coming weeks! The goal is to visit every site and band the chicks at just the right time–before they are too old, yet not too young.

NOTE:  All banding, marking, and sampling is being conducted under a federal authorized Bird Banding Permit issued by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Three of the four chicks on the next
Andy Weaver and Amber banding one of the chicks

“I’ve been helping since 1991 and it never gets old”.

~Wolf Ridge Naturalist, Joe Walewski