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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees oversees all activities at Wolf Ridge. The Board provides fiduciary leadership, strategic direction, and guidance to Wolf Ridge senior staff. Trustees take seriously their responsibilities for stewardship of Wolf Ridge and its beautiful setting. They are proud to be able to serve Wolf Ridge and enjoy helping build a citizenry that has the knowledge, skills, commitment, and motivation to work together for a quality environment.

Board Members

Russ Bierbaum, Chair
Patricia Coppo, Vice Chair
Nancy Quattlebaum Burke
Gene Champeau
Doug Connell
Andy Datko
Sarah Edstrom
Sara Hill
Raj Pillai
John Priem
Ron Sackett
Nancy Shultz
Schele Gislason Smith
Leo Thao
Dr. John Thein
Sandy Timmerman
Roberto Zayas

Our Founder

Wolf Ridge co-founder and retired executive director Jack Pichotta (with his wife Genea) became interested in environmental education in the late 1960s when concerns were first widely raised about the future health of the planet. “I had two little girls then,” he recalls, “and I was sincerely concerned about their futures. I still am, maybe even more.” Wolf Ridge has thrived because it was a good idea, launched at a receptive moment and place, and because of Pichotta’s vision and tenacity in securing a place for environmental education in the mainstream of academia. Still, he is as likely to discount his own contributions to Wolf Ridge as he is to boast of the efforts of others.

Emeritus Board Members

Thomas K. Berg
Jim Brandenburg
William M. Burns
Peter Heegaard
Ron Kirk
Jack Pichotta
Rene Settergren
Thomas Atchison (dec.)
Richard  (Dick) Gray, Sr. (dec.)
Robert Heller (dec.)
Myron Latimer (dec.)
Donn Larson (dec.)
Sigurd Olson (dec.)
Michael Plautz (dec.)
Werner Tismer (dec.)