Summer Camp Director Positions

A team of 4 directors and supervisors work together to manage the Summer Counselors and Naturalists, schedule activities, assign dorms rooms, arrange for overnights and work with outside groups. The team supports and mentors staff, assisting with behavior management and instructing classes as needed. Minimum age 21.

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Summer Camp Counselor, Assistant Trip Leader

Wolf Ridge summer camp counselors and assistant trip leaders have enthusiastic, open, positive attitudes and an interest in working outdoors with children. Provide leadership and mentor campers. Inspire in campers a sense of belonging, stewardship, and adventure. Join us for a summer of rewarding work!

Applicants with a strong interest in wilderness trip leading can apply to be a Summer Camp Counselor and Assistant Trip Leader.

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Summer Naturalists

Teach outdoor, cultural history and nature-themed activities to people of all ages, including campers, family members (pre-school to grandparents) and youth groups. Some positions specialize in teaching at the organic farm, traditional skills and crafts, partnering with local resorts or parks and working with speciality camps.

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Summer Organic Farm Internship

The Wolf Ridge Organic Farm Intern will assist with the care, management, and education of and about the farm fields, greenhouse facilities, growing beds, tools, and equipment.

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Graduate Naturalist Training

Enhance your teaching and natural history skills while working as a naturalist/environmental educator during the school year. Apply as a Naturalist or Student Teaching Naturalist. Earn graduate credits and an EE Certificate. These positions run from late August through early June. Generally, people apply starting in December and all positions are filled by April. Four-year degree required.

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Summer Wilderness Trip Leader

Wilderness Trip Leaders are responsible for all planning, pre-arrival packing, and leadership of our canoe, sea kayak, and hiking trips to the BWCAW, Apostle Islands, Quetico, Isle Royale, Split Rock Lighthouse and surrounding areas.

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