Online Adventures in Learning

Our remote learning lessons are ready to go!

Wolf Ridge is excited to put our skills to use and provide 10 standards-based lessons for learners of all ages. Students join naturalists Caroline and Robby as they explore Wolf Ridge, experiencing nature from a variety of perspectives, such as science, history, culture, art, and literature. They also share a few laughs along the way – something we can all use a little more of…  🙂

Adventures in Learning Curriculum Features

  • Accessible: each lesson can be done either with pen and paper or digitally.
  • Lessons support Minnesota State Academic Standards and are backed by Wolf Ridge’s accreditation as a K-12 school.
  • Two or more activities for students and/or families to DO, at least one of which can be done outdoors in their neighborhood or yard.
  • Naturalist guides Robby and Caroline share fun and sometimes surprising adventures with students through online videos or printed stories students can read.
  • A lesson plan developed by certified teachers accompanies each Adventure in Learning.

11 Adventures in Learning available on-demand!

Mysterious Animal Signs

What can we learn about animals from the evidence they leave behind?

Frogs and Toads

What can we learn about animals from the evidence they leave behind?


Express your artistic side! We will bring out our creative sides by working on creating a giant exhibit of temporary art made of nature, in nature, featuring you! We’ll explore the materials found all around you and their colors, shapes, and textures, then watch as your masterpiece springs into being!

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Energy in Your Home



Spring Plants

Pizza and Nutrition


Wolf Ridge naturalists are available!

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