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As learning moves online for schools and families, Wolf Ridge is excited to provide standards-based lessons for learners of all ages. Students explore Wolf Ridge and their own backyards – experiencing nature from a variety of perspectives including – science, history, culture, art, and literature.

Every lesson includes:

  1. Interactive StoryMap (or alternately pdf packet with activity handouts)
  2. 8-14 minute video adventure with Wolf Ridge’s Naturalists, also available as a printable story to read. (Not included in ‘Summer Series’ adventures)
  3. Two activities for students and/or families to DO together
  4. An OUTDOOR component that you can do in your own backyard, on a walk through your neighborhood or at a safe distance from others in your local park
  5. Minnesota State Academic Standards support, backed by Wolf Ridge’s accreditation as a K-12 school


Adventures in Learning Available Now


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  • Citizen Science
  • Bur Oaks

Using Adventures in Learning online with students

Students start each lesson with a StoryMap*. The StoryMap is an online interactive presentation that guides the student through learning information with text, videos, photos, questions to ponder or research, links, and supporting graphics. As students progress through the lesson, they will be asked to reflect on what they are seeing on screen, then directed to an outdoor activity. They record their work, in their own copy of a linked Google document, or by downloading and printing the linked pdf.

*If online access is an issue, the teacher or parent can guide students through the same material by printing the story/information and worksheets included with each lesson.

Share Your Adventures on our Blog

We invite you and your students/family to share how the Wolf Ridge Adventures in Learning series has inspired you to get outside, explore, and learn? Submissions will be posted on the new Wolf Ridge Adventures in Learning blog. Submit a photo of

  • your nature journal entry
  • an outdoor discovery
  • something you made as part of your learning adventure
  • ways you are using the Adventures in Learning lessons and activities

Submit a photo

Wolf Ridge Nats Neat Nature Facts series

These online lessons incorporate the popular 2017 video series by Wolf Ridge naturalist Meg Quick. They also feature a story or short video, teacher/parent lesson plan with MN Academic Standards, a pencil and paper indoor activity, and of course, an outdoor learning adventure. They differ in that there is no StoryMap, so an adult helps students begin the activities.


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