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R.T. Rybak Evening Reflection

Posted By Peter Smerud
March 22, 2021

What a gift to be able to feature R. T. Rybak last Thursday as part of our 50th Anniversary Speaker Series. In reflecting on all that was discussed, I’m struck by how many of the concepts R. T. raised resonate with how Wolf Ridge strives to deliver outdoor experiences to students of all backgrounds. Student […]

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“Sketch What You Notice”

Peter and I co-taught a Wolf Ridge Virtual Field Trip today. The focus? Forest Ecology. Actually, it was more about making observations and analyzing the data collection. And the St John the Baptist 5th graders were amazing scientists. You can see their data collection below. After some conversation and Q&A (we had taught a Birds […]

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Teaching Bird Research

Posted By Wolf Ridge Naturalist
March 15, 2021

What an amazing opportunity!! This morning, students from Breck School explored what it means to do research from both bird researchers and Wolf Ridge naturalists during their virtual field trip. Peter Harris and Joe Lutz banded birds and shared their stories about how they’ve used a special bird feeder with a magnetic recorder to collect […]

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Co-Teaching with Chickadees

Posted By Joe Walewski
March 12, 2021

I’ve co-taught virtual field trips for Wolf Ridge, but never as the only human. Today I shared the task with a Black-capped Chickadee and a Red Squirrel. I think it went well. For this Virtual Field Trip, Mr. G., a Glendale Elementary teacher, wanted to focus on vocabulary and scientific practices. Scientific practices: slow down, […]

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Annual Report 2019-2020

Posted By Carrie Anderson
February 8, 2021

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