Wolf Ridge Summer Traditions: Campfire

Posted By Summer Camp Staff
July 21, 2015

We are roughly halfway through the summer now, which seems impossible! Even though time has been flying, it’s been really rewarding to see how well our team has really come together and grown as a group. Camp is running smoothly, people are gaining confidence and trying new things. Counselors are developing their own lessons for wilderness trips, learning about wild edibles, teaching campers, and becoming more independent problem solvers for the everyday problems that inevitably arise.
The counselors all dressed up for the Miss & Mr. America Campfire

The counselors all dressed up for the Miss & Mr. America Campfire (thanks to counselor Iva Johnson for the photo!)

One of my favorite parts of camp is a longstanding tradition at Wolf Ridge, the Friday night campfire. They generally consist of skits by each group of campers about their week, funny skits from the counselors, silly camp songs, and of course our closing song, “On the Loose.” The skits that campers do vary from being chock full of inside jokes that nobody else can understand to songs they wrote themselves to complete chaos. The one constant is that they are always entertaining and always heartwarming to see how much fun the campers had over their time at camp.

Three very convincing trees.

Of course, a campfire wouldn’t be complete without some over the top costumes. Campfire themes this summer have included fairytales, lumberjacks, Miss/Mr. America (where everyone dressed as a different state), and Greek gods and goddesses. All of the counselors and directors dress up. I love dressing up, and have had the chance to come up with so many creative costumes this summer.  So far, my costumes have included a fairy godmother, a tree, the reigning Miss America, and Poseidon.  When I was dressed as Poseidon and covered in blue and white paint one kid told me that he thought I had taken the costume “too far,” but I think that our outrageous costumes  just highlight our dedication to some very serious silliness!
Myself and the other directors dressed as Union "Jack,"  Miss America, and Mr. Universe

Myself and the other directors dressed as Union Jack, Miss America, and Mr. Universe

Most importantly, campfire serves as a neat way to tie up a great week of camp since it combines so many elements of what makes summer camp so great.  As we close by singing “On the Loose,” there are almost always a few tears, and we know that it’s been a good week at camp.  Here’s a little taste of “On the Loose:” On the loose to climb a mountain, on the loose where I am free. On the loose to live my life the way I think my life should be. For I’ve only got a moment and a whole world yet to see, I’ll be searching for tomorrow, on the loose.