Meet Our Counselors

Posted By Summer Camp Staff
June 22, 2015

When you bring your child to camp, you’re looking to enrich their life with new adventures, skills, friendships and fun. And for many, camp is about finding your passion. In addition to a passion for working with children, here are some of the things 2015 camp counselors tell us fire them up each day.

Taylor chelsea Elie Hart

“I am really into protecting wildlife and wild places for the future and doing outdoor activities and I also love my UMD Bulldog Hockey team.”
– Taylor Birkelo

“Science and music.”
–  Chelsea Brown

“I’m passionate about limnology (the study of lakes.)  Every summer when I was a kid, we’d come up north to see Lake Superior and that was one of the highlights of my childhood and now, a very influential part of my life.”
– Elie Hart

issak matth 

“Exploring, skiing, climbing, learning about the natural world and experiencing the utmost physically/mentally challenging wilderness expeditions. Environmental preservation and social equality.”
– Izaak Herman

“I am passionalte about the outdoors from soccer and tennis through to adventure activities such as rock climbing and hiking!”
– Matt Hillier

“Passions: I love exercising- I’m a swimmer turned triathlete, so spend lots of time swimming and cycling (less passionate about the running though!!) and enjoy being outside in general. I’m a geography student so unsurprisingly I’m also passionate about the environment and I would love to save the world somehow.”
– Andy Humphreys

sarah iva olivia

“Pharmacy, learning and travelling.”
– Sarah Ingram

“I am passionate about food, knitting, learning, exploring, living, breathing. Not in any particular order of importance.”
– Iva Johnson

– Olivia Kinziger

kim  ariane  lydia

“Singing, reading, being creative, fashion, writing, the Earth, being a vegan, helping others, learning.”
– Kim Lauritson

“Exploring the outdoors.”
– Ariane Massey

“I am passionalte about art, living sustainably and animals!”
– Lydia Moran

ramona anna brandon

“The outdoors and books.”
– Ramona Myers-Cohen

“Circus, school, canoeing, outdoors.”
– Anna Nagel

“Travelling, the outdoors and science.”
– Brandon Neill

jasmine callum ollie

“Nature, friends, family.”
– Jasmine Poppovich

“The outdoors, specifically canoeing.”
– Callum Skuffington

“I’m passionate about sport and food.”
– Oliver Smith

mattw monika kate

“The outdoors!”
– Matt Waier

“Finding happiness and helping others to do the same.”
– Monika Weimer

“Photography, filmmaking, and baking. “
– Kate Young


“Experiences, and since life is just one big experience I suppose you could say I’m passionate about life too. But that dosen’t tell you much about me so here goes: Fitness. Most things in life are better with a strong level of physical fitness. I play a lot of sports (football or soccer, rugby, snowboarding, kayaking, cross country running and a few more) so that ties into them aswell. People. The worst thing someone will tell you is to go away, at which point you select one of the other 7 billion people in the world to talk to. So I enjoy starting conversations with new people, building bridges and making their day better in the process. My studies. I find psychology very interesting, so this ones pretty self-explanatory. Finally, food. Lets face it who isn’t passionate about what they eat?”
–  Kyler Abercrombie

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