Counselor In Training (CIT)

For young people considering serving as a mentor to campers in the future. Entering grades 10 – 12

This two-week program is a wonderful opportunity to enhance and develop self-confidence, communication skills, tolerance for adversity, self-awareness, and your personal leadership style.

No dates in summer 2021. We hope to offer this camp again in 2022.


Counselor In Training (CIT) Activities

Grow as a leader and mentor younger campers

Our goal is to have a Counselor-in-Training finish the program having acquired all the necessary skills to become an effective and talented counselor at Wolf Ridge. We firmly believe that not only does Wolf Ridge benefit from a successful program, but so do all our campers and the young adult who successfully completes the training. CITs will meet demanding personal challenges, help younger campers reach their potential, and grow as a person and a leader through activities such as rock climbing and our adventure ropes courses!


Discover and explore the natural world while building outdoor skills

Your training as a CIT will begin with a wide variety of team-building, communication, and leadership activities both at Wolf Ridge and on a three-day backpacking trip on the Superior Hiking Trail.  These activities will prepare you to move into a group as an Assistant Counselor during your 2nd week. Under the leadership and guidance of the directors and two counselors, CIT’s will gain endless knowledge that they can use to become a positive role model for future generations of campers.


Are you ready for a life-changing two weeks?

By the end of the program, all participating CITs will have:

  • Observed a variety of different groups
  • Demonstrated the ability to teach an activity
  • Assisted with group
  • Actively participated in discussions/meetings
  • Completed evaluations with the Director of Programming
  • Successfully planned and executed an all-camp event
  • CPR & First Aid certifications

CITs will reach these objectives by the following means:

  • Experiential learning by shadowing and assisting staff
  • Observation of staff teaching and coaching techniques
  • Participating in activities, trips, support services, dorm management, and meetings
  • Discussions/seminars with fellow CITs, mentors, and directors
  • Receiving evaluation, feedback, and assessment from peers, supervisors, and self

The program initially covers all aspects of the camp operation, then the focus increasingly focuses on acquiring skills and experience to work closely with a camp group.  Topics and activities include:

  • Leadership development
  • Understand proper supervision of campers
  • Developing well-run activities
  • Management strategies in dealing with children
  • Setting boundaries
  • Communication techniques and styles
  • Risk management
  • Managing campers while on trail
  • Balancing time
  • Leading activities and teaching
  • Canoeing
  • Recreation
  • Swimming


Counselor In Training (CIT) Dates

No dates in summer 2021. We hope to offer this camp again in 2022.