Summer Youth Camps

Come for Camp, Come Back for a Lifetime

We believe in nurturing the curiosity, growth, and independent spirit of each camper, every year that they attend.

We have camps ranging from a half-week overnight camp or day camp for youngsters to three-week wilderness adventures family camp, one to two-week adventure camps, and wilderness trips for older campers, and everything in between! Choose the option below for the grade your camper will be entering in the fall or check out our Wilderness Trips for campers entering 7-12 grade.

We plan to offer youth camps again in 2022.

Camps and Wilderness Trips by Grade

Young or First-time Campers

Come for a half-week through our Summer Sampler overnight camp, join similar-aged kids to explore Wolf Ridge through a Day Camp, or consider attending a Family Camp. These opportunities are a great chance to give camp a try without committing to a whole week away from family.

Grades 4-5

Campers entering grades 4-5 are exploring their independence, ready to venture out and discover the world around them. The nurturing counselors and enthusiastic naturalists who lead our Discoverers, Green Energy, Eco-Artists, Summer Sampler, and Day Camps give young people the confidence and skills they need to delve into new adventures.

Grades 6-7

Summer camp is a wonderful place to grow friendships, and those created while sharing a passion for adventures and learning often become lifelong. Connect with Wolf Ridge’s community of explorers through one of our eight unique overnight camps, specialty camps, and wilderness trips.

Grades 8-9

Build the skills that will take your ability to explore the natural world to the next level. These camps are all about accessing new experiences outdoors with camp friends. You’ll find choices ranging from traditional overnight camps on our campus or at the farm, to canoeing, rock climbing, kayaking, and hiking adventures.

Grades 10-12

The capstone experiences in our camping programs include Credit Academies (Freshwater or Wilderness Ethics – get college credit!), Counselor in Training, a Superior Service Learning trip, Ornithology Field Camps, and a variety of canoe, kayak, and hiking Expeditions that travel far into the back county. Develop the skills and knowledge that will help carry you into the future.

Wilderness Trips for Grades 7-12

Grab a canoe, kayak, or backpack and experience nature as wild as it gets. Our wilderness trips give each person opportunities to discover and explore the natural world, meet personal challenges, grow as a leader, make lifelong friends, build outdoor skills, and express their individuality. Get out—way out—into the wild!