Camp Updates: Get Ready is Here!

Posted By Summer Camp Staff
July 1, 2014

Temperatures are high and spirits are even higher as we enter for our second week of camp. On Sunday Wolf Ridge staff welcomed a busload of campers from Anderson United Community School, Olson Middle School and the Hmong International Academy, all attending through a partnership with a program called “Get Ready.”


“Get Ready is an early intervention, early college awareness program in which the Office of Higher Education staff work with students and families that are under-represented in college and provide them with the tools and experiences that will help motivate and prepare them to complete high school and pursue postsecondary education. The program is designed to improve the pre-college preparation and college success rate of low-income students.”



Wolf Ridge’s partnership with Get Ready goes back over 10 years.  Our goal is to provide a camp experience that will allow  participants to escape the heat and noise of the city and to gain life skills that will serve them in their home environments.  For many, Wolf Ridge’s north woods is a new environment. Activities are designed to provide challenges, stimulate trust and cooperation, introduce outdoor skills and build self-esteem.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter just two days of adventures, we already see campers starting to come alive with new excitement and curiosity.  In the next four days we will be sleeping in tents, telling stories under the stars, canoeing across Wolf Lake, meeting Jacque LaRoche at Voyageurs and continuing to enjoy the company of newfound friends.


We’re going 90mph, and loving every moment of it!


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