The Month of Winter Fog

Posted By Wolf Ridge Naturalist
December 23, 2014


View From the top of Mystical Mountain, December 15, 2014

This month Wolf Ridge has seen its fair share of fog. Why is this you may wonder? Well fog is a type of cloud formed when the relative humidity is close to 100% and the dew point and temperature are close together. These conditions allow for the air to hold more water vapor. Fog is also more likely to form over large bodies of water. There are benefits to the fog besides it being beautiful. The fog that is common in this part of the country helps to keep us warmer. The process of creating water vapor is an exothermic reaction, which means it gives of some heat. Compare this to the dessert, where at night it can get extremely cold due in part to how dry it is. Here we tend to have fairly consistent temperatures during the day and night because of the moisture in the air. Next time it is foggy don’t just enjoy the beauty but enjoy the little extra warmth it gives us.

– Megan Johnson