The Lake People

Posted By Wolf Ridge Naturalist
April 17, 2018

The Lake People


There is one place on the shore of Mother Superior

that the Lake People still frequent in peace.

there is no black sludge that invades

the rolling waves that hit basalt.


The Lake People maintain their garden

combing through tangles of lichens.

With crisp water, they gently spray the tiny creatures

growing red, orange, green and grey on the rocks.


If you are careful, when you peer over the edge,

as long as you take care to not step on their garden,

and do not fall in,

you may see the Lake People.


Their swirling foamy locks will draw you in,

skin rippling shades of blue and grey,

eyes of sparkling agate.

But their limbs are sharp and stony.


But you must not fall in,

or step on their garden.

The Lake People will claim you and keep you

in the icy depths, slamming against stone.


Tread carefully on their garden

the precious communities found no where else.

If you care for it

you may be able to return.