The ICE is ON

Posted By Wolf Ridge Naturalist
November 19, 2013


Each year at Wolf Ridge, the staff make guesses as to when Wolf Lake will freeze all the way across. Well rumors began to fly around the ridge on Tuesday, November 19th of how the lake had indeed froze. So a crew of three naturalists headed down to Wolf Lake, to make a great discovery – that the competition should be deemed over.

As to why our lake froze, as warm water cools it shrinks and becomes more dense and heavy until it reaches the temperature of about 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, as the temperature drops towards a freezing point, it starts to expand and become lighter. The result of having a maximum density of 7 degrees Fahrenheit about freezing has important impacts for the things that get oxygen from the water, for it causes a complete circulation of overturn. Lake Overturn happens twice a year, in the spring and in the fall, like deep breaths carrying oxygen rich water to all parts of the lake.


Of course once we saw that the lake was frozen we had to explore the shore by breaking open the frozen surface and play with ice pieces! We had throwing contests and tried looking at the world through ice, and maybe some of us even morphed into other animals momentarily…it was very clear however, that our excitement was great. For all of us couldn’t stop commenting on the beauty and feel all of the anticipation of what winter will bring us this year.

By Geneva Martin

Photos by Peter Harris