Teacher Institute

Application Deadline: March 1, 2022

The Wolf Ridge Teacher Institute enables teachers to design units and experiences through which students will learn to apply their new knowledge and understanding

Participating School Districts

Participation in 2022 is limited to teachers in school districts in NWSISD#6078. It is anticipated that teachers will be working in small groups, (usually two per group) to assist each other in learning. Fifteen of these teams (approximately 30 teachers) will be in a cohort of exclusively NWSISD teachers. A cohort may include teachers from more than one school. If there is greater interest, Wolf Ridge will add more cohorts. No other teacher training will occur during this week at Wolf Ridge.


Wolf Ridge hopes many teachers can take advantage of this wonderful way to obtain CEUs. If any questions contact Joe Walewski, Wolf Ridge Program Director at Joe.Walewski@Wolf-Ridge.