Tap tap tap tap…

Posted By Wolf Ridge Naturalist
February 3, 2014


Tap tap tap tap…tap tap tap, I hear a woodpecker making loud noises as I walk to the dining hall. I stop to look and see if I can’t see who is responsible for the noise and see a Downy Woodpecker high in a tree drumming away. While it might not seem like spring is coming anytime soon, here on the ridge some birds including the Downy Woodpeckers have spring on their minds. Woodpeckers use drumming as a way of communicating, like many other birds use song — to announce territory and attract mates. When Downies drum it is different than when they use their beaks to peck for food. They will find a large resonate tree and peck hard in a loud continuous manner with the intent to make noise. The loud “tap tap tap” must have been what the woodpecker was doing near the dining hall.

Meredith Lorig