Big Snow December

Posted By Wolf Ridge Naturalist
December 6, 2013


Between the 2nd and 5th of December Wolf Ridge got a snowstorm that nearly made the record books in its 3 day stay with us! After only having 5 or so inches on the ground for the winter season so far, the blustery snowstorm reduced visibility on the Ridge to only several hundred yards and dumped 30 inches of fluffy snow on us. Some of the time the wind was such that the snow was almost falling sideways. ┬áNow we have the snowpack we don’t usually get until January, and students can be seen snowshoeing around campus. Skiing is starting soon, too!

After the storm, I went down to Chickadee Landing with a group of students in Birds class, and I was absolutely accosted by hungry chickadees, who were presumably bunkered down during the storm. One briefly lit on my shoulder before I even had the bird seed out! A curious Hairy Woodpecker was also hanging onto a tree nearby; though it was more shy than the chickadees, I’m sure it too was looking forward to getting a meal in.

By Russ Aguilar