Roller Coaster Temps and a Blizzard

Posted By Wolf Ridge Naturalist
February 20, 2018

Temperature Trends from 2-13-18 to 2-19-18

It’s been a chaotic week in the North Woods. It reminded us of riding the Wild Thing at Valley Fair. We monitored the weather for a week, from 2-13-18 to 2-19-18. The start of the week was fairly cold with a low of -13 and a high of 11. By Wednesday, Finland experienced a high of 42 and a low of 16. On Friday, the high was 21 and the low was -8. Overnight, Thursday into Friday the ridge experienced a severe shift in wind chill moving from 17 to -33!

Look at all that snow!

Just as we thought everything was settling down…BLAM! We were buried under 10 inches of snow in a single day. The end is not in sight with more snow in the forecast for today and tomorrow. One thinks of 1980’s music group TOTO “blessing the rains down in Africa,” but instead of rain it’s snow and instead of Africa it’s Finland, MN.


By: Lyntausha Kuehl, Sam Kruguer, Calvin Leitch Lodge