Ravens on Raven Lake Cliffs

Posted By Wolf Ridge Naturalist
April 30, 2015

Raven Feeding

The raven nest on the side of Marshall Mountain can now be clearly seen from the Raven Lake canoe dock. Typically for a raven cliff nest, it’s below an overhang, and located slightly within the safety of a shallow recess. One or both of the parents can often be seen flying back and forth over the lake, collecting food and bringing it to the chicks. The nest itself looks like a giant pile of sticks. When building, the male helps collect sticks while the female does most of the building. Live branches are pulled from trees, each one about three feet long. The nest can be as big as five feet across. When the adults leave to find food, the vocalizations of the chicks can be heard from across the lake, echoing off the sides of the mountain. Once completed, a nest may be used by the same pair for a year or two before they find a new site – but they will reuse the same nest periodically over the years. Some nests are thought to have been used by generations of the same raven family for up to one hundred years.

– Cian Gill

– photo by Ryan Pennesi