Raven Lake Nest — Up Close!

Posted By Wolf Ridge Naturalist
April 11, 2016


The nest is on these cliffs above Raven Lake,

As winter is attempting to come to an end we have observed a pair of Ravens nesting at Wolf Ridge’s own Raven Lake! During winter months, ravens congregate in groups to forage for food while other birds are migrating south. As spring arrives, they are quick to break up into their mated pairs and begin the nest building process. Once they have found a location, the pair will defend their territory from other ravens. They find a crotch of a tree or overhanging cliff ledge and begin weaving branches together. Though both the male and female ravens help in the construction, the female does much of the work. Materials used range from trash and wires to bone and branches from live trees. They will line the bottom with mud, fur, bark strips, and grasses.


Can you find the nest of twigs to the right of the icicles?

Overall the nest building process takes about 9 days and will be used during the incubation of the raven’s eggs. This nest will continue to be used for many seasons, though not necessarily by the same pair. As the eggs hatch and the young stay dependent on the parents for several months then they, like every generation before them, will leave the nest and continue this cycle.

In the words of Edgar Allan Poe, “Other friends have flown before – On the morrow he will leave me, as my hopes have flown before. Quoth the raven, Nevermore.” (The Raven, 1845)

by Danielle Tikalski and Serena Hixon